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Product Description

"Nagarjuna"Stoven is a stoving enamel paint based on short oil resin with good non-yellowing properties coupled with gloss, hardness and scratch resistance. The resins in combination with butylated amino resin provides excellent stoving finish with reasonably good Corrosion resistance properties.

Recommended Use

Electrical control panels, plant & machinery lab .equipment, domestic appliances refrigeration compressors etc


1 Finish High Gloss/semi-gloss/matt
2 Shade Any shade
3 Standard coverage 9-10 sq.mts/ltrs
8 Specific Gravity 1.0-1.1 kg/ltr.
8 Stoving schedule 120 deg. C for 30 mintues
9 Scratch Hardness(min) 1000 grams
10 DFT 25 microns

Application System

1 Method of application Spray /Dip
2 Thinner "Nagarjuna" Stoven Thinner
3 Packing 201trs
4 Storage Life As long as the containers
are kept firmly sealed, the
contents can be stored up to 6
months without deterioration

Specifications, and data given above represent test results obtained under controlled Conditions. These may vary under actual circumstance


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