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Product Description

Nagarjuna" Chlorocoat is single pack air drying chlorinated rubber paint. It provides resistances to salt water ,aliphatic solvents, acid, alkalis and wide range of chemicals

Recommended Use

Long lasting finished coat in chemicals and fertilizer industry, power plants, breweries,swimming pools, also for marine and industrial environments.


1 Finish Glossy
2 Shade Any shade as per IS: 5
3 Standard coverage 9-10Sq.Mts/ltr
8 Specific Gravity 1.0-1.2Kg/ltr
8 Flash point 26C
9 Touch Dry 30 minutes
10 Surface Dry 8 hours
10 Hard Dry 12 hours
10 Scratch hardness(min) l000grms
10 DFT 30 microns

Application System

1 Method of application Air Spray/Brush
2 Compatible Thinner "Nagarjuna" Zinc Phos.Primer.
3 Recoatable Interval 24 Hours
3 Packing 20Lts
4 Storage Life As long as the containers
are kept firmly sealed, the
contents can be stored up to 6
months without deterioration

Specifications, and data given above represent test results obtained under controlled Conditions. These may vary under actual circumstance

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